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Vallée de l'Ourthe: cherries

370 g




Traditional Cherry Jam. We use a unique process that consists of cooking the fruits under vacuum and at low temperature. The aromas are reinjected in the finished product. The result is an extra jam, very rich in flavour and with no additives at all. Prepared with 50gr of fruit per 100gr.Total content of sugar: 60gr per 100gr.




Cherries 50 %, sugar, citric acid, water, pectine.


Color : Red

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Vallée de l'Ourthe: black cherries (370 g)

Vallée de l'Ourthe  Purple   
1 2.85
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Vallée de l'Ourthe: blueberries (370 g)

Vallée de l'Ourthe  Purple   
1 3.26
  unit (s) 

Vallée de l'Ourthe: cherries (370 g)

Vallée de l'Ourthe  Red   
1 2.86
  unit (s) 

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